Alright, we are continuing plugging away at the underbelly of this here little site. This index page is somewhat functional as you can tell. But there is still a ton of work to be done in the other sections. Ideally we’d like to get the feature section completed so that we can start waxing poetic about Project Aloe, PD’s first baby project. Things are moving pretty fast on that front so we’d like to start feeding the few supporters we have with some much needed updates on the projects. The farmers are ready, Africa is overdue for a feel good story and we are all anxious for some solid evidence of progress.

On another note, we know the house is not built yet, but please feel free to invite your friends to come take a visit. There is a grand vision here and we are going to need as much participation from you guys as possible. We are seeing some signs of mumblings and Curious George’s looking around the site, we’ll score that as a victory.

Once again, thanks for being patient with us. We are hoping to get this puppy spic and span… ahem, semi-functional as soon as possible. Semi-functional we can do. Fancy, shiny, ooooh-la-la, costs more money. And we are on a no-budget, budget right now. Feel free to offer your assistance if you are conversant in CSS, MySQL, and WordPress.

Hit us up in the comments.