It almost would seem improper to not take a moment to acknowledge history in the making tonight. I didn’t know if I’d actually get a chance to watch Barack Obama‘s acceptance speech, but I didn’t expect to be standing in line waiting to register for the conference. You could tell there was something a-stir in the air. If it was any other year this month, and one was to waltz through a hotel lobby and observe a small gathering of individuals gazing at a TV screen, you would be right to guess it was the opening of the NFL season. But the energy here was less smash-mouth competitive adrenaline, and more inspired awe.

Half the attendees standing in line took a moment to pay attention to Barrack’s speech. Some were standing, some had been sitting. Some were young and some were old. But all were glued to the message. A lounge piano was summarily silenced and the volume on the TV was raised a few more bars as more people joined to watch.

After the speech things went back to normal. We are now registered and tired. We are going to get some shut eye and be up bright and early to bring you as much news as we can gather.

Incidentally, Western Union is the title sponsor for this convention and they are out in full “bright-yellow” glory. We’ll have more on that tidbit later.