It’s a little known secret around here at PD that I am a tech nerd, or should I appropriately say that I love following all things tech. I especially love following any manner of tech centered around Africa’s emerging techno-space.

We’ll be tracking and promoting Tech4Africa as we get more information. If there are any Diasporans out there in the tech space, make those flight reservations lickity split and then pop on over to their Facebook? page and let them know you are coming.

It also looks like there is room to add a few more speakers for those in the know and would like to contribute/promote your Afri-centric tech project. There’s a spate of heavy hitters on tap to speak at the event. I personally would love to catch Mike Stopforth of Afrigator fame, Emeka Okafor of ‘TED Global 2007, Africa: The Next Chapter’ and Timbuktu Chronicles fame, and Silicon Valley’s “Valley GirlSarah Lacy. There is a full-course meal of brilliant speakers on tap of course.

  1. Voices of Africa is organizing a conference on ICT4D and Poverty Alleviation March 20-22, 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya at the Tiwi Beach Resort. All profits from the conference will go towards pilot funding for “on the ground” social business telecentre projects.

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