This just in, Siena at Women of Kireka tells us that the fundraising drive has hit a milestone. Over $1000 has been raised in just over a week. If you haven’t yet sacrificed your cup of joe for the day in order to donate to these women, consider what just a $7 donation can provide these women.

Well, to whoever reads this post, remember, any and every amount makes a difference. $7 is enough to give someone three hearty meals a day in Uganda. If you save up coffee for a month with a few friends, $150 is enough for one sewing machine; $50 is enough to get another woman to the hospital and cover Gloria’s medication. 

Even with the reality of the tough economic times that are about to hit us these next couple of years do not compare to the decades of war and scraping by that these women have come know as “normal life.” Consider sharing a little bit of your daily joy with these women. It maybe a very expensive $5 cup of Starbucks, but to one of these women, it’s a small step towards economic independence, which in itself is a huge step towards increased morale and personal triumph. 

The photo above was taken by Siena Anstis on one of her visits to the stone quarries where these women and their children work all day to earn just a dollar a day. To put that into perspective, it would take them a whole week of shoveling in this work environment in order to afford one grande soy milk latte.

Project Diaspora is calling all citizens of the African Diaspora, and anyone willing to see change come to these women. To the Ugandan Diaspora, these women could very easily be your neighbors, your cousins, your long-lost aunts. For all it’s worth, they are also children of The Pearl. Let’s make their lives from here on out, something to be proud of, something worth celebrating. I guarantee that when they smile, so will you. Because you know you were responsible for that smile, wether you gave one dollar or 100 dollars.

You can make your contribution via The Point or Paypal by clicking on either option in the campaign tracker in the right sidebar of this post. LET’S DO THIS!!!