8-year Goldman Sachs veteran, Dambisa Moyo is currently hitting the US media circuit to promote her hotly-debated new book, “Dead Aid.” I am waiting to delve into this book as soon as it arrives to see what all all the frothing is all about. The reviews have ranged from downright surgical deconstructions of the facts presented in the book, outright dismissal of anyone attempting to dismantle the aid framework, to embracing the opinions of a brave AFRICAN voice finally standing up and saying enough is enough with the force-feeding.

There’s not much I can say about the facts in the book, since I haven’t gotten my hands on the book (look for a perspective review in the near-term once I finish the book). A check around the development blogosphere, financial news networks, and Twitter would lead me to believe that she’s hit a major artery in this aid versus trade debate.

Until I can work my way through the book, and post my thoughts, here are some more interviews of Dambisa defendingĀ and promoting her book:

    Fox Business News on YoutubeDambisa Moyo & Alison Evans interviewed on BBC’s Hardtalk

    Inside Look – The Anti-Bono – Bloomberg (Can someone school the host how to pronounce her name please? Geez!)

    Dambisa Moyo, Author Of Dead Aid on Sky News

    Riz Khan – The fate of the world’s poorest – March 2 – Part 1

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