The BarCampUK team
The BarCampUK team

Yesterday I got a chance to talk to the team behind the upcoming BarCampAfricaUK [ SOLD OUT ]. BarCampAfricaUK is just another town hall meeting spurred by social media conversations and the subjects of ICT, development and Africa. The gathering is the next step in the long process of getting to the center of many issues around development in Africa. Ethel D. Cofie hopes that this gathering, like the many before, becomes a launching platform of collaborative ideas that will go beyond passing conversation and into reality.

Technology allows for an environment where multiple developmental goals can be achieved more efficiently.

Development in Africa is one of those subjects that you can discuss ad nauseum because it’s simply that complicated and there are so many solutions to so many problems. It’s a wonder that no one can agree on what is the most important thing to tackle first. The truth is all of it is important.


The take away from this discussion was that while a concentration on ICT in Africa’s development is essential, the sector shouldn’t be viewed as the answer to all of Africa’s ills. Technology is going to be an enabler for all the development sectors, allowing for more efficient environment. We also have to broaden the definition of technology; careful not to simply limit it to telecommunications. Technology can enable better infrastructure, more efficient agricultural methods and educational systems.

Joining me on the call were Ethel D. Cofie (@etheldcofie), Tony Burkson (@TonyStark1), Conrad Taylor (@ConradTaylor, and Richard Tandoh. A live stream will be available during the event if you are not one of the lucky 200 participants at the sold out event. We’ll publish a link to that stream when it becomes available.

PD Podcast: BarCampAfricaUK [ Audio | 45:44 | MP3 ] [ Music: Disco Science by Mirwais ]
PD talks to the organizers of BarCampAfricaUK


Looks like the event went off superbly. If you were unable to attend last week, the team has put together a wiki space full of content from the BarCamp. You can also peruse numerous articles written about the event here and here.

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