This just in, my talk submitted for SXSW Interactive 2010, Africa 3.0: A Look at the Future of a Connected Africa, has been accepted. If you were looking for a good reason to attend the interactive portion of the festival, a fan of ICT in Africa, or you are already going to be down in Austin—like you really need a reason to be in Austin, TX—be sure to schedule an hour to come see my talk. Here’s a heart-felt warm thank you to everyone who voted or promoted the talk all the way into selection. I am looking at you, my engaging Twitter followers. Thanks for the love and support.

Below is a little synopsis on the talk:

2010 is the year that Africa will finally connect to the global undersea cable network powering today’s broadband internet traffic. How can Africa use the arrival of this high speed super highway to it’s advantage? What impact will broadband communications have on Africa’s development? Are we looking at Africa 3.0?

Check back regularly for updates once scheduling has been released. I also want to thank Hugh Forrest and his fabulous staff at SXSWi for granting me this opportunity! I truly take it as an honor to be among the selected out of 2300 proposed talks!

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