Project Diaspora (PD), a Texas registered not-for-profit, is thrilled to announce today the launch of BizSpring Africa Enterprise Development Programs. The program includes an on-line networking platform, innovation and entrepreneurship conferences and a resource database that will tap global skills within the collective intelligence of Africa’s Diaspora, and beyond, to empower Africa’s small to medium sized businesses. These programs aim to act as a linkage between Africa’s entrepreneurs and innovators with resources to grow small to medium sized entities. PD aims to provide a platform for these programs and is looking for collaborative partners to support this initiative.

PD has signed agreements with US and African institutions of higher learning to collaborate on African innovations. Agreements to launch the program have since been signed with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Graduate School of International Policy and Management, in Monterey, California and LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited, a Nigeria based and West Africa sub-region focused venture incubator.

PD is passionate about providing various ways in which members of Africa’s diaspora can participate in Africa’s development, beyond our $40 billion in remittances. BizSpring is the first step towards a wide range of platforms designed to leverage that capital inflow for SME growth on the continent. Additionally, BizSpring will serve as a vehicle for continued global investment in African SMEs.

We will have more information on our partners, program details and information in the coming weeks. Check back regularly.