We all about Africa telling it’s own stories here at Project Diaspora. So when an organization contacts us and let’s us know it is looking to publish compelling stories from freelance photo & video journalists from Africa, we tend to sit up and listen. If you have been looking for an opportunity to get your work published, this is your chance to exercise your agency. Here’s the info.

TRANSTERRA is a global media brokerage company, meaning we help freelance photo and video journalists sell their work to big mainstream media stations around the globe. We deal in Photos, Photo Essays, Videos, Raw Footage, Finished News Pieces, Documentaries, Feature Stories, etc. Mostly we deal in anything from Breaking News, Society, Human Interest, Travel, Entertainment and so on. We have a network of contributors and buyers from all over the world as TRANSTERRA is an international company in every sense.

We also have a service that involves Pitching/Requesting where contributors can pitch us a story they think might fetch some buyers, and we pitch it to our network of buyers and see who’s interested. When we get the green light, we inform the journalist so they can prepare the piece and that way the sale is guaranteed. The same works in reverse with buyers. They can request a story from us, and we in turn pitch it to our contributors in whatever part of the world is required and they can produce the piece we request.

If you’re interested, take a look at our website (where some of our big buyers are featured on the main page) and our Facebook (where we could feature your work to potential buyers).


Signing up and uploading your media is totally free, and that way our buyers can browse your profile and purchase your media uploads or even request a story from you if your profile fits the kind of journalist they’re looking for! We’d love to have you join our network of contributors. If you are interested in collaborating with us please write to: marta@transterramedia.com

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