No. Not permanently.

Since our first post in early 2008, I’ve had this vision of what PD should be but I was never able to execute it properly. Over the last few years, I’ve known that PD is more than just a blog for posting rants about developmental injustice to the African continent (with ever growing vacuum of content dedicated to our core audience, the African Diaspora).

So this coming week, I will be taking PD offline to finally get to work crafting this dream that I’ve had for so many years. It is one thing to have a vision in your head, it is another to roll up your sleeves and actually build it. So, consider this my public accountability announcement.

I am not quite sure how long it’ll take me to build this vision that I’ve had. But I am dedicated to making it happen. I’ll have to thank my little sister over at African Digital Arts for finally giving me the kick in the butt to get it done. Years ago, as she was building her dream, I encouraged her to pursue the task of building a digital archive of Africa’s creative genius. Over the years, I’ve been amazed at how steadfastly she has stayed to her vision(check her out on the DC Podcast). I caught up with her via Skype on one of my many stops in Amsterdam (she now calls Cape Town home base). The conversation inspired me more than it did her I think, or maybe it was mutual encouragement that was going on.

Nonetheless, I am biting that bullet yearning vision and dedicating the rest of this year to bring it to fruition. If you’ve been a frequenter of PD over the years, don’t be alarmed.

We’ll be back soon. In the mean time, I’ll be posting my musings on development here and elsewhere on the inter webs.

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