Road Construction in front of the World Bank
Road Construction in front of the World Bank

One of the things I’ve noticed while traveling around the world is the attention paid to the details of building a road in various countries. I’ve never had a convenient photo to post a comment about until today. I was crossing the road from the World Bank offices in Washington, D.C. and noticed what seems to be an unnecessary gutting of the road. What caught my eye is the actual road depth.

This is something I first noticed in Dallas, TX. Texas has some of widest roads in the country; 6-8 traffic lanes across in some cities.

Contrast this with the asphalt spray job of road construction in some African countries. Uganda, (at least from my observations) has some of the narrowest and thinnest-laid roads. They are prone to fail within months of being laid down. I’ve driven by Uganda Roads Authority’s brand new building. The irony is that the brand new headquarters gives you a sense they know what they are doing, but the potholes in front of the building makes me think that someone didn’t even bother to read this very elementary Wikipedia primer on how to build a road surface. Or this academic one for that matter. Took me 12 seconds to find them.

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