Founder2be, the Helsinki-based co-founder finding network, is now operating in more than 100 countries, having expanded to accept would-be co-founders living in Africa and Australia. The network was already accepting applications from Europe, the U.S. and Asia — and says it’s the first co-founder finding network operating across all five continents (Antarctica not being a hotbet of startup activity).

It used to be that Africa (like Antarctica) wasn’t considered a hotbed for startups. That the reverse is now true and making mainstream news is a good turn of events. It also opens a huge door for partnering with Africans as opposed to doing things for Africans. It signals that is talent on the continent and the world should be paying attention. I like this trend. More like this please.

Founder2be’s first networking event in Africa will take place in Lagos in Nigeria, while in Australia it will be holding its debut event in Perth. “More elsewhere are coming all the time (Mexico, Bulgaria, etc.) as applications by people wanting to host events are pouring in,” adds Bremer. As well as accepting potential co-founders in two new continents, Founder2be is also accepting applications for “ambassadors” — aka event hosts for its local networking events.

via Founder2be, The ‘ For Co-Founders’, Adds Africa & Australia, Now In 100+ Countries | TechCrunch.