With so many innovation hubs emerging in Africa, it seems timely to support an initiative which will facilitate collaboration between hubs, so as to establish a Pan-African movement. We are delighted to announce that The Indigo Trust and Hivos have decided to co-fund AfriLabs.  The Indigo Trust has awarded 25,000 Euros (£22,035) for this purpose and Hivos has match funded this amount.

This is big news. Our very own Hive Colab is partially funded by Indigo Trust and Hivos Foundation. An umbrella organization overseeing cross-hub collaboration sets a new standard of collective effort on the continent. I thought AfriLabs was a great idea when I first heard about it from Hive cofounder Jon Gosier and Erik Hersman a few years ago. Really good to see it come to fruition.

We need more of this friction-less, cross-continent, collaborative organization in other sectors as well.

via AfriLabs: A new grant to support Hub Collaboration | Indigo Trust.