I received this email in my inbox from an IP address in Kampala, Uganda:

are there job oppotunities for those who speak Luo,English,Kumam? I’m a senior six vacist.Thanks.

To which I replied:

Based on your question, are you looking for a job as a translator? Otherwise, what are your skills? What do you have to offer an employer. Once you know that, then you can look for an employer who is looking for those exact same skills.

Good luck.

To which the person replied:

Hi?I an offer any services you guys can offer me.Which job do you have for a S.6 Vacist (voluntary)?

To which, my reaction was:

I am trying to help you get a job. I am not a company hiring anyone. I am an individual. No one is going to hire you just because you say you can do anything. If I am hiring for someone to write software for my computer, I know you don’t have the skills for that job. Therefore I won’t hire you.


This is a pattern I see in Uganda a lot:

Them: Can you help me get a job?

Me: What kind of a job?

Them: Any job!

I think our education system is failing our youth if they can’t even figure out how to petition for a job. I’ve only hired one person from this line of conversation. The only thing that saved her was that at the very least, she made an effort to put together a very shoddy CV. I’ll reward individual effort.

  1. i now understand…

    I am Aloro Kenneth
    Ugandan by Nationality
    Aged 23years
    though at the moment iam trying to find me a job in kampala.
    iam a S6 leaver.
    iam fluent in both written and spoken english
    iam well versed with MS and ME.. i am sure i can handle any office work be it secretarial.
    iam hardworking & disciplined
    iam tolerant and and i got open minds to learning more new skills in a short time.
    i will be grateful when my request is considered.
    i will also be available anytime iam called upon on 0703186604.
    Thank you.

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