Part 7 of 10 clips taken on Weds Aug 07th, when a fire broke out at the arrivals section of JKIA (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport)

Video of the fire engulfing Kenya’s main international airport shot by Segeni Ngethe. Looks like you could roast a marshmallow standing 10 miles from that fire. When I heard there was a fire at JKIA, I thought it was benign flame with lots of smoke. This looks like the flame engulfed a good chunk of the airport. Here’s to hoping that everyone was able to get out alive.

JKIA is East Africa’s busiest international airport. It was being expanded the last time I was there in January. Unknown if the new construction is also under flames. This could be really bad for travel in the region, both for commerce and goods.

via ? JKIA-FIRE 7/10 – Never Seen A Fire Like This Before – YouTube.