I am really proud of this piece in Wired UK magazine about Uganda’s emerging tech scene, not because yours truly and the techies at Hive Colab are featured, but because some of the people that I admire most in Uganda’s rising tech scene are given their due props.

I love this quote by my buddy Solomon King, founder of Fundi Bots, that Kampala “is relatively naïve in its tech awakening – only now is it riding the wave of African urban development.” Couldn’t agree more. Watch this space over the next 5 years.

I am a little disappointed that not everyone was represented made it into this piece, but I suppose that’s what editing is all about.

The piece isn’t available online, but you can pick it up at your nearest newsstand. I received my copy in the mail this morning. Just as I was publishing my comment on the NYT piece.

Great shots by Ciril Jazbec.