I am just… I mean, I, have. no. I. Where do I begin with this piece? I am without an appropriate response to this. So I am just going to let you come to your own conclusion:

After working with a personal trainer for six weeks in California to get in shape for her upcoming challenge, Budgor, along with a similarly adventurous friend, returned to Winston. He reneged on his offer, but the determined women found their way to a more open-minded warrior named Lanet, in Nairobi, who agreed to take them on.

They headed into the African bush with essentials: tartan sheets for clothing, metal tips for spears and, for Budgor, a bottle of Chanel Dragon red nail polish (“It just made me feel fierce,” she explained) and a pair of pearl earrings to remind her of home.

Lanet and six other warriors then led them through a month of surreal tasks that were both physically and mentally challenging: sleeping on the ground in a communal bed of leaves and branches, going days without food, getting bloody blisters on her hands as she practiced spear-hunting skills, and, incredibly, suffocating a goat to death and drinking its warm blood (which Budgor vomited up immediately).

“The entire time I never put a brush through my hair.”

In the voice and intonation of John Malkovich in Burn After Reading, “With all due respect. What. The. Fuck?”

Just. Wow.

via How Did This California Girl Become a Real Warrior Princess? | Secrets to Your Success – Yahoo Shine.

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