The son of a Maasai warrior takes down the Warrior Princess author, requests a public apology from Mindy Budgor.

Disrespecting integrity of one of Africa’s greatest people is unacceptable. Soiling the institution of Maasai warriorhood by claiming to be a warrior in a record three months’ stay with the Maasai is like a kindergartener graduating from Harvard Law School.

Becoming a Maasai warrior is not for any Tom Dick and Hurry. But since you have tried to simplify the impossible, let me explain it to you and I hope people out there who might be misled by your magic wand will form a different opinion.

To become a Maasai Warrior is simply impossible for you or even many of us who are born Maasai.

Becoming a Maasai warrior is a gradual stage in the life of a Maasai male’s life and not female. It is not a boot camp activity. It is a life time achievement.

via The lies of Mindy Bugdor aka Warrior Princess | Shomo News.

Thanks to Majala for the heads up.