The concept is as simple as ordering take-out: pick your adventure from the convenience of your home by giving money and telling Pelton where to go and what to do, and Pelton and his team will “deliver the product”. He describes it as a “tool for moral people who are done with having their awareness raised while evil triumphs”.

To demonstrate just how skilled they are and what they are able to accomplish, the first mission will be to find a man US special forces have failed to locate: the notorious war crimes suspect and Lords Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony. Others whove tried the same “have limitations to what they are prepared to do, and they after a while start to benefit from the existence of Kony,” Pelton told Foreign Policy. “It becomes a self-licking lollipop.” We assume he is talking about Invisible Children. His team is different, he claims. The righteous are coming to finally solve Africas biggest problem.

I think I have written more than enough words about Joseph Kony that easily apply to this latest WTF!

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