I first heard about Kourage Athletics a few years back. This is the type of business model that makes sense to me and automatically invokes the – of course that totally makes sense, why hasn’t any body done this already – response. For as long as Kenyans have been dominating global marathon races, you’d think they would have leveraged the opportunity by now.

I am proud to say that I am a supporter of this whole-heartedly. This isn’t a charity, it is an effort to launch a product using a very acceptable method of crowd-sourced funding that has launched countless (and often useless) tech-products.

I’d like to see this campaign succeed so I am getting behind it 100%. As I’ve said, access to capital is one of the biggest problems for African start-ups. Turning to the crowd-sourcing model might just be the trick to getting viable businesses off the ground.

So if you are one of those people looking to do good with your money, do me a favor and read this; listen to sage advice from Magatte Wade here; nod in agreement, and send these guys a few bucks via their Kickstarter campaign is live now. The age of charitable giving is over, it is time to ask yourself, what good’s that you can invest in?

Read Kourage Athletics press release.