Apparently the Sachs-Easterly war over aid mechanisms isn’t over. Tom Murphy does (probably his best post ever) a brilliant recount of the Twitter spat that happened earlier this week. Aid Snark at its finest.

Known for its ability to host lively debates devoid of any substance and nuance, Twitter served as fertile ground for an extended back and forth between Sachs, his defenders and his critics. By Tuesday morning, the people of Aid World woke up to a full scale aid debate between Sachs and his critics.

I suppose it is in my wheel well to point out that if the heavy weight academics are fighting, it is the poor that suffer. You know, the poor who no one can figure out to ask what would work best for them. Maybe it’s just me, but this could be much more interesting if they argued with the poor. But I guess I guess “Yes it does!,” “No it doesn’t!” Twitter spat between the two camps is much more entertaining.

via Sachs-Easterly cease fire broken, aid war of words breaks out on Twitter | Humanosphere.