Can we have a conversation about not allowing each other to think of ourselves as less than anyone? We are equal in every sense to any other human. We need to have pride in ourselves, in each other, and as fellow human beings. Much has been done to us, but much we have also done to ourselves. I refuse to be treated as less than another person because of my race. I refuse to accept that I am supposed to be a victim of my own skin color.

Let’s pull each other up instead of pulling each other down. We all have but one life on this rock. Do not allow anyone to take it away from you. Stand tall and claim your right to exist, your right to be respected, your right to speak your mind, your right to be the fullest human that you can be.

If we are suffering together, why in the world would we bring more misery by our own hands?

If we deserved better than segregation, slavery, colonialism, apartheid, racism, lynchings, and burnings, we most certainly deserve better than killing each other, looting and destroying our own neighborhoods and nations.

We are only victims if we accept that we are. You cannot be forced to be a victim. Do not surrender to the overwhelming urge to be one, no matter how the world is tilted against you. Never let anyone steal your agency. The only person keeping you down is you. We need to rise to the occasion. No one is going to give us equality. No one is going to give us prosperity, development, education, or respect.

We have to want it for ourselves.

We have to be able to look in the mirror and demand better for our lives and each day help each other achieve that. We cannot rise if we no not how to stand together.

Stop looking backwards and let us get on with the work of crafting tomorrow. We can’t fix yesterday, but we can spend today planning so that tomorrow is not like yesterday. We can’t do that if we spend today fighting amongst ourselves or waiting for someone else to do it for us.

If you are with me, please post this in your network. Let’s start to work for a better tomorrow, from Cape Town to Kampala and Accra, from London to New York and Ferguson. What do you want your tomorrow to be?