My second op-ed of 2015 is a fuller rundown of my thoughts on post-2015 development agenda. Sadly, Financial Times’ BeyondBRICS blog has it hidden behind a registration wall. If you are patient enough to register (you can do so easily by logging in with Twitter) and read it, I’d appreciate your feedback.

After decades of top-down development driven by technocrats, I can’t help but think that 2015 holds great promise of big changes in development design. In a world where technology has redefined shared economies, flattened the media landscape and mainstreamed the crowd-sourcing of solutions, it seems that the time is right for development to follow suit and stop being top heavy both in theory and in practice. But, in order for it to get there, we – at the last mile – have to contribute our voices to the discussion.

via Guest post: 2015 should be the year of real action on extreme poverty and climate change | beyondbrics.