Decolonizing Development: Opportunities and Alternative Post-2015

I’ll be speaking at University of Toronto Scarborough Saturday, February 7th and Sunday, February 8th. The 4th year of the conference will be dedicated to challenging “current concepts about development.” I’ll be contributing to a discussion on social entrepreneurship.

This ambitious and innovative conference aims to dismantle (neo) colonial approaches to development theory and practice and features 12 thematic discussions, 6 workshops, a large- scale debate, and two keynote presentations. In addition, student organizers are hosting a Human Library themed around the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a presentation of the Global Poverty Consensus Report with Dr. Lynda Lange, an art competition and of course a Gala, with a performance by MataDanze. A variety of interactive sessions throughout the two days will feature keynote speakers Clayton Thomas-Muller, an indigenous environmental activist, and Dr. Holly Dressel. This year delegates will also have the opportunity to attend a large-scale debate in collaboration with the Centre for Critical Development Studies (CCDS) focusing on the impacts of “Mining for Development.”

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