Over the last month, my colleagues Wayan Vota, Jessica Heinzelman, and myself launched a Kickstarter project to help all those jaded humanitarians out there saving the world unleash their long-held skepticism about their own industry – in essence, a card game to save humanitarians.

It’s Cards Against Humanity meets indigenous alcohol and inadequate danger pay (no you don’t get Danger Pay for being posted in Southern Nigeria… or do you?).

As of this posting, we’ve raised a bunch of money (over $45,000+) from a ridiculous amount of backers (1400+) and generated a ton of press. We’ve been featured on Huffpost Live, The Guardian, Devex, Humanosphere, WhyDev, and Foreign Policy(!)

But wait! There’s more!

We have 48 hours left in the campaign and we have an excellent stretch goal. Order your very own deck NOW (by 10pm, Oct 22) and help us raise $50,000. If we exceed that goal, everyone gets a box of 200 cards instead of the 100. It’s almost as good as killing 2 flies off that African kid’s mouth for the price of 1 deck.

I kid, I kid.

We need your help. 

  • Tell Your Friends: The fastest and easiest way you can help is by sharing a link to our Kickstarter via email or Facebook and tag your friends. Tell them they should order at deck too, so everyone can have double the fun this Christmas.
  • Increase Your Pledge: You can also increase your pledge on Kickstarter. You can add a few dollars to whichever reward you already have, or upgrade the next reward tier. Easier than on United Airlines, for sure.
  • Share the Fun: For those who really want to have some fun, we have a few memes you can share on social media. Warning: our memes will have you and your friends LOL IRL, just like JadedAid cards. Just remember to include a link to our Kickstarter when you share.