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The days just add up; the sunsets, one after the other close out long hot days doing the menial 1000 things one must accomplish on a daily basis to achieve anything.

I am sitting on this porch, listening to the sounds of an emerging night, the crickets and their unceasing song; the birds nestling into the sunset; the children rushing home; and the radio, reading out the evening news.

Today is gone, all that I could do today, I did. All that I could sweat out, I did. All that I could be lost in thought about, I let my mind do so.

Thousands of little things happen in a day. As humans, I wonder if we ever truly reflect on why or how? We simply trudge through, our heads down, lost in our complicity to the trappings of modernity.

I wonder what all I did today means in the grand scheme of things: will I one day ever point to something I did today as the pivotal moment that made it all worth it? Will I ever regret those moments where I was lost in thought over an uncertain future or an unfortunate past.

We all get here somehow; wether by plan or the age old surreptitious stumbling through life’s obstacles like a batted ping pong. These are too many questions for this night. Perhaps another night I’ll sit and ponder the meaning of that day’s activities. And it’ll all make sense. Perhaps then it’ll all come together. But this moment, and all the accomplishments of today, leave me here, with a cup of tea, a cat at my feet, and a symphony in the trees.

I wonder what I shall do tomorrow?