Bill Gates shouldn’t be scared of Dambisa Moyo

May 30, 2013 · 6 comments

I find it disappointing that Mr. Gates would not only conflate my arguments about structural aid with those about emergency or NGO aid, but also that he would then use this gross misrepresentation of my work to publicly attack my knowledge, background, and value system.

via – Dambisa Moyo.

Is it me or is the Captain of the Do Good Society jumpy and a bit defensive about Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid. From what I remember, Moyo cleared outlined good aid vs bad aid and the brand of aid the Mr. Gates is being defensive about was among the necessary vehicles of assistance that Moyo, myself, and other Africans support. After all, we can’t call for economic investments if we don’t have a healthy work force.

But this also points to what is going to become a growing trend. As Africans start rising and questioning the establishment, prepare for even more backlash. I consider Gates’ dismissal of Moyo’s argument mild against what I fear will be more vicious attacks from entranced aid institutions who see a threat to their existence.

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