The Rwandese Government is set to kick off the first ever East African Investment Conference later this month. According to the official registration site, the conference “is designed to showcase “Leveraging the East African Market through Trade and Investment

Over 700 leading business executives are expected to attend, as well as EAC’s heads of state. If you are interested in starting a business, or seeking funding partners for your project, or would like to know more about EAC’s business climate and investment opportunities, do yourself a favor. Circle June 26-28, 2008 on your calendars, and maybe add a couple of extra days to check out Rwanda’s fabulous Mountain guerillas.

  1. Thank you for posting information about this conference. I have already emailed several of my business-minded friends from East Africa about this opportunity to learn more about empowerment and sustainable development.

  2. Yes, the conference will certainly hold opportunities for not only EAC countries but for linkages with their Southern African business counterparts and in so doing forge economic ties. We have a group of six South African companies that are attending the conference and who will during the Mon 23rd June – Wed 25th June prior to the conference, be looking to meet with local empowerment organisations, with entrepreneurs and with potential Rwandan and EAC agents/representatives. Feel free to drop me a line at Peter H

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