Esi Yankah, CEO of The Africa Mentor Network, Inc. contacted PD with information on an upcoming networking event for Ghana’s enterprising youth to be held this August. The event will offer selected youth a chance to showcase their “innovative ideas and exceptional resumes” in front of Ghana’s elite business executives.

What: THE SPEED NETWORKING ROUNDTABLE, The Signature Launching Event!
When: August 12th, 2009
Where: African Regent Hotel, Accra, Ghana
Register: Africa Mentor Network website
Contact: Esi Yankah (

If you haven’t heard, then you are pretty late! The Africa Mentor Network is here and it’s all about Africa Helping Africans. They are launching their organization with a big bang, something new, something unique, and something you would love to be part of. It’s all about the African youth and the corporate executives! The signature “Speed Networking Roundtable” is the premiere-networking event in Ghana bringing together top executives of companies in Ghana with the African youth. This event also launches The Africa Mentor Network. Many African youth have very innovative ideas and exceptional resumes and are looking for that one opportunity to put their best foot forward. They are looking to pitch their big ideas as well as sell their exceptional resumes directly to corporate executives they would never get to meet on a regular day or possibly in their lifetime. These executives are also highly regarded and admired as role models to the youth and to the Ghanaian community. This event will give the youth participant a face-to-face chance to impress these executives and also network with them. This could open a great door of opportunity for them. Participants could get hired instantly, win a second interview, have their ideas adopted and more importantly establish long-term relationships. Participants are only given 2.5 minutes per executive therefore careful preparation becomes critical.

The great thing about this event is that it is an equal opportunity event; once you carefully prepare and pitch your resume and ideas well you stand an equal chance as any other participants. This event will introduce the art of networking into the Ghanaian community and create an environment where all corporate executives who may be competitors can come together for a common purpose. The event is set for August 12th at the African Regent Hotel, one of Ghana’s first class hotels and an authentically branded symbol of Africa. Corporate executives interested in being a part of this event should email Esi Yankah.

Applications will be put out middle of July on and public announcements will be made for Ghana’s youth participants to apply to be a part of this experience. A limited number of applicants will be selected. Participants of this event officially become members of The Africa Mentor Network and can participate in all their other Mentoring and Networking programs they will be implementing, and also enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that come with being a member. The organization is currently seeking sponsorships and donations for this event and for this organizations initiative. This organizations signature event will be held twice a year and will be held in other African countries. Any company or organization interested in helping to launch“ The Speed Networking Roundtable” event in their country should contact them through email.

The Africa Mentor Network is a 501(c)3 tax exempt not-for-profit organization founded to serve all of Africa. This organization was made for Africa by Africans because Africans deserve to have their own voice too! It founded based on a simple idea of helping the African youth to help themselves through mentoring and networking. Everyone needs a mentor in his or her life. Africa has all the resources needed to help motivate and inspire the younger generation to create awareness for themselves and help them realize their full potentials and advance in their social, educational and economic opportunities.

Esi Yankah is the President of this initiative, a Ghanaian citizen and a final year graduate student. Miss Yankah works with a wonderful team made up of Ugochukwu Nwosu, Bernice Karikari- Apau and Jacquelyn Knight Jackson. Visit their website today and join them on facebook! You don’t want to miss this event. Please direct all correspondence