I opened up the African Diaspora Facebook discussion group almost 2 years ago. I suppose it was a precursor to my shuttering the Project Diaspora site and blog. I am a firm believer in taking the conversations to the water cooler, instead of trying to move the water cooler. We are nearing 1000 members on the forum (at 937 members to be exact).

I’d like to use the group to discuss relevant topics that are or should be of interest to those of us who are transnational, members of the Diaspora, reaspora (those who have decided to move house back to the continent), as well as Africans on the continent. From politics to sports, entertainment to literature and beyond. You can call this the new digital mango tree, under which we can share our thoughts on the future of our continent.

Most of all, let’s share what we are working on to make our continent better. Every little effort matters, however small, however large. We might hail from different countries, tribes, and regions on the continent. And we might be scattered all over the world, but in sharing what we are contributing to Mother Africa, we are all uniting in the spirit of Ubuntu.

So what do you say? Can we get this group membership to 1000 by the end of the day? By the end of the weekend? Ultimately, how many join the group doesn’t really matter. It is the quality of the conversations, intellectual debates and thought-provoking insight on all issues Africa Rising that I hope will be the focus. So if you aren’t a member yet, welcome aboard. Go ahead, bring a village of your closest colleagues.

You might want to jump in now to weigh in on the California Warrior Princess mess. Some great perspectives being shared.

(1) African Diaspora.

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