Shane Cole reports for Apple Insider:

The Parliament of Kenya is set to join a growing trend toward paperless governance with the purchase of some 450 iPads to be used by representatives and staff in the East African nation’s National Assembly and Senate.

Wonder how long before the East African Community (EAC) standardizes on iOS e-governance? If this is to gain any traction within the Community, Rwanda (which has so far put put its efforts behind OLPC as the backbone of ICT in education efforts) will have to be next up. If that happens, Tanzania and Burundi won’t be far behind. Uganda’s parliament must feel really good for setting this iOS e-governance trend in motion, the irony, of course, notwithstanding.

Mind boggling that the total cost of this roll out is equal to or less than the annual salary of two Kenyan MPs (from the comments in the above article).

via Kenyan parliament to spend nearly $350k on iPads for members, staff.