A breakdown of Uganda's youthful demographic

A breakdown of Uganda’s youthful demographic

I’ve long wanted to look into my countries demographic breakdown. I dug around for some numbers from Google (via World Bank data) and some from USAID. Not all numbers for each age group are available, so I had to do some simple calculations to get the totals to verify. I am not a statistician so if you find a correction that needs to be made, please let me know and I’ll make adjustments.

I wish there was an app that could spit out an info graphic like this for each of the countries in Africa so we could have real-time infographics for each country based on the various data sets out there. Hey Hive Colab, can you get on that?

This data has been keeping me up at night for some time now. I can’t help but think we are headed off a cliff when 78% of your population is under 30 and all of them have known only one president their whole life and have never experienced a peaceful transfer of power.

We have some work to do.