My latest op-ed for the Guardian. On a few ideas the international development complex can utilize to reach voices at the end of the development mile. This was published as part of the Action/2015 push aimed at mobilizing global participation in the “post 2015” development agenda. If you haven’t noticed, we are now in a “post 2015” jargon era.

I think this is the first time I’ve published an op-ed as a “listicle.”

Conversations are fast moving from under mango trees and community halls to global platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email lists and blogs. There are now more channels of communication available to reach people than there were at the start of the MDGs. It is important that they not be wasted by preaching from the top, but actively used to listen to the voices at the bottom.

Now that I think about it there was this blog post though.

via Five ways people power can shape the sustainable development goals | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian.